First European Tour
April 8 - May 23, 1970

Mondo Bizzaro 1
July 10, 1970 - July 21, 1971

Mondo Bizzaro 2
Aug. 2, - Aug. 12, 1971

Second European Tour
Sept. 1, - Sept. 30, 1971

Eastern Tour
Februari 2, - March 1, 1972

Mardi Grass Spring Tour
April 12, - May 22, 1972

El Cerrito 1983
Feb 09 - May 31, 1985

Rockin' All Over The World Tour
August  26 - December 13

Welcome Home




Blue Moon Swamp Tour
May 18 - November 04

Premonition Tour
April 24 - November 21


Tour with Tina Turner
June 30 - August 01
USA Tour
August 05 - September 01

USA Winter Tour
August 11 - December 05

Live in Europe Tour
March 01 - September 15
Australia  & New Zealand Tour
December 01 - 03

2006 - SETLIST
Europe Summer Tour
Tour with Willie Nelson
June 28 - July 19
The Long Road Home USA Tour
July 22 - July 30
August 04 - September 03
USA Fall Tour
December 01 - 02

Europa Tour
May 20 - Aug 02
Revival USA Tour
Nov 02 - Dec 12


North American Tour
May 17 - July 04
Europa Tour
July 10 - July 28

World & Europa Tour
June 13 - July 22

Lookin' Out My Back Door Tour
March 27 - April 03
South America Tour
May 06 - May 15
World Tour
May 26 - Nov 12
Lookin' Out My Back Door Tour
Nov 17 - Nov 23

European Summertour  2012
June 30 - july 16
Canada Tour
July 18 - July 19
USA Tour
July 20 - Aug 03
Canada Tour
Sept 07 - Sept 29

Wrote A Song For Everyone.USA Tour
USA Fall Tour
Oct 10 - Nov 14

Festival Tour
Lovely Days
USA Tour
Across Erie County &
Anerica Fair
Arizona Stata Fair
Fall Run Through Canada Tour

1969 World  Tour

World  Tour

Rollin'on a River
Fortunate Son in Concert

Blues and Bayous Tour
John Fogerty in Concert

My 50 Year Trip

World Tour
Creedence Clearwater Revisited
Demand Performance Tour

NOTE: The current tourdates are as accurate as possible. They MAY not be correct. Please contact the venue for further information.
  • 1968

  • May 31/June 2: Fillmore West, San Francisco.

    July 2-4: Fillmore West, San Francisco.

    August 18, 17, 18: Fillmore West, San Franciso.

    September 11/12: Fillmore East, New York.
    September 19/21: Fillmore West, San Francisco.

    January 16/19: Fillmore West, San Francisco .

    March 13 -  16: Fillmore West, San Francisco.
    March 21 & 22: Fillmore East, New York (BOOTLEG LP)

    May 23/24: Winterland, San Francisco.
    May 28: Winterland, San Francisco in favor of the People's Park Bail Ball benefit.

    June 21: 2nd day of Newport '69 Rock festival, Northridge California.
    June 27: Mike High stadium, Denver Pop festival.

    July 4: Atlanta Pop Festival.

    Aug 02: 2nd day of Atlanta City Pop festival.
    Aug 16: 2nd day of Woodstock music art fair.
    Going Soon (Woodstock Festival)
    Woodstock '69
    Woodstock '69
    Live at Woodstock 1969 (Incomplete)
    Aug ??: Chicago Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL.

    Jan 30: Jamsession with Booker T.Jones at the Factory in Berkely.
    Fantasy Session 1970
    Midnight On The Bay
    Jan 31: Oakland Arena, Oakland, CA
    Filmed for Creedence special In Concert.
    The Concert (Live)
    Creedence Live in Oakland (VHS)

    Mar ??: Fillmore East
    Clearwater Revival Lives!
    Fillmore East, 03-1970

    First European Tour 1970
    April 08: Arrival on Heathrow Airport in London, GB.
    April 09: CCR appears in the English Top Of The Pops.
    April 10: Press conference in London. Arrival at Schiphol airport, Amsterdam, 
    April 11: De Doelen, Rotterdam, Holland, 2 concerts.
    April 12: Grugahalle, Essen, Germany.
    April 13: Arrival in London at Heathrow airport.
    April 14: The Royal Albert Hall, London, GB (CDRom /  VCD)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty DVD
    I Put A Spell On You DVD
    The Royal Albert Hall, London, GB (CDRom /  VCD)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty DVD
    I Put A Spell On You DVD
    April 15: The Royal Albert Hall, London, GB
    April 17: Tennishalle, Stockholm, Sweden.
                   CCR recieves golden awards for the Green River and Willy And The
                   Poorboys albums (over 25.000 copies sold).
    April 20: KB-Hallen, Kopenhagen, Denmark.
    April 22: Sportpalast, Berlin, Germany, 2 concerts.
    April 24: Olympia Theatre, Paris, France.
    April 28: End of first European tour. Departure from Paris.

    May 01: Vancouver, Canada.
    May 02: Coliseum Center, Seattle, WA.
    May 13: New York, NY,.
    May 15: Philadelphia, PA.
    May 22: Denver, CO
    May 23: Denver, CO (with guest Ike & Tina Turner).

    Mondo Bizzaro 1 Tour 1970
    July 10: Dallas TX, CCR is shown on Top Of The Pops on British TV.
    July 11: Houston, TX.
    July 17: Cleveland, OH.
    July 18: Detroit, MI concert.

    August 01: Miami, FL.
    August:Benefit at the New York Shea stadium, benefit at the San Francisco
                 Fillmore West.
    August 14: Jacksonville, FL
    August 15: Miami, FL.
    August 28: Las Vegas, NE.
    August 29: Forum, Los Angeles, CA concert.

    September 18: Boston, MA.
    September 19: Toronto, Canada.

    October 03: Honolulu, HA.

    December 12: Creedence gives a party and concert at the Cosmo's Factory
                           for the invited press to get more acquinted with the band.

    July 04: Fillmore West, San Francisco.
    Fillmore West (Closing Night)
    Last Exit
    July 05: Amphitheatre, Chicago, IL.
    July 10: Chicago IL.
    July 11: Detroit, MI.
    July 13: Cincinatti, OH concert.
    July 14: Syracuse, NY.
    July 15: Providence.
    July 16: Boston Garden, Boston, MA.
    Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts
    July 17: Forest Hill Music festival, New York, NY.
    July 19: Charlotte, NC, Charlotte Coliseum.
    July 21: Memphis, TN.

    Mondo Bizzaro 2 Tour 1971
    August 02: Asambly Center, Tulsa, OK.
    August 03: Hirsch Memorial Coliseum,Shreveport, LO.
    August 04: Loyola University, New Orleans, LO.
    August 05: Coliseum, Houston, TX.
    August 06: Hemisphere Arena, San Antonio, TX.
    August 07: Wil Rogers Coliseum, Fort Worth, TX.
    August 08: Memorial Coliseum, Dallas, TX.
    August 10: Kiel Auditorium, St.Louis, MS.
    August 11: Wichita State University Coliseum, Wichita, MS.
    August 12: Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma, OK.

    Second European Tour 1971
    September 01: Manchester, GB, 2 concerts.
    September 09: Arrival in Amsterdam, Holland.
    September 10: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland, 2 concerts.
    September 11: Arrival in Frankfurt.
    September 13: Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, Germany, 2 concerts.
    September 14: Arrival in Berlin. CCR gives 1 hour live radio interview on SFB
                            Berlin radio.
    September 15: Deutchlandhalle, Berlin, Germany.
    September 16: Arrival in Hamburg.
    September 17: Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany.
    September 19: KB-Hallen, Kopenhagen, Denmark.
    September 21: Tennishallen, Stockholm, Sweden.
                             CCR recieves gold awards for Bayou Country, Cosmo's
                             Factory and Pendulum albums (over 25.000 copies sold).
    September 24: Sportpaleis, Antwerpen, Belgium.
    September 27/28: The Royal Albert Hall, London, GB, 2 concerts.
    September 30: End of second European tour. Departure from London.

    October: Maui, Hawaii. CCR on vacation in Hawaii.
    October 15: Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 2 concerts.
    October 21: Coliseum Center, Seattle, WA.
    October 22: Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR.
    October: Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA.

    New Zealand, Australia and Japan tour 1972
    February 02: Arrival in New Zealand.
    February 08: Western Spring Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand.
    February 11: Brisbane, Australia.
    February 13: Randwick Racecourse Sydney, Australia.
    February 15/16: Melbourne, Australia, 2 concerts.
    February 17/18: Apollo Stadium Adelaide, Australia, 2 concerts.
    February 20: Subiaco Oval Perth, Australia.
    February 23: Arrival in Japan.
    February 24: Hilton Hotel, Tokyo, Japan press conference.
    February 25: Aichiken - Taikukan, Nagoya, Japan concert.
    February 27: CCR goes sightseeing in Kyoto.
    February 28: Kaseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan.
    February 29: Budukan Hall, Tokyo, Japan.
    Earthquake - Live at Budo Kan
    March 1: Tour ends, departure to the U.S.A.

    Mardi Grass Spring Tour 1972
    April 12: Cincinatti, OH.
    April 15: Shreveport, LA.
    April 16: Monroe, LA.
    April 18: Jacksonville, FL.
    April 19: Orlando, FL.
    April 20: West Palm Beach, FL.
    April 21: Miami, FL.
    April 23: Winston - Salem, NC.
    April 24: Athens, GA.

    May 05: Minneapolis, MN.
    May 07: Duluth, MN.
    May 09: Des Moines, IO.
    May 10: Lincoln, NB.
    May 12: Kansas City, MO.
    May 13: Little Rock, AR.
    May 15: Houston TX.
    May 16: Dallas, TX.
    May 18: El Paso, TX.
    May 20: Salt Lake City, UT.
    May 22: Denver, CO.

    October 16: Creedence Clearwater Revival disbands.

    Reunion Concert
    ?????: Last Gig El Cerrito High School Reunion

  • 1995

  • Creedence Clearwater Revisited Demand
        Performance Tour
    September 16: Flamingo Hilton, Reno, NE.

    October 22: Hilton, Las Vegas, NE.

    Creedence Clearwater Revisited Demand
        Performance Tour
    January 10: Tokyo, Japan.

    April 12: Holiday Star Theatre, Merriville, Indiana.
    April 13: ??, Flagstaff, Arizona.
    April 19: Las Vegas Hilton, Las Vegas, NV.
    April 20: Flamingo Hilton, Laughlin, NV
    April 21: Pima County Fair Grounds, Tucson, AZ.
    April 26: ??, Omaha, Nebraska
    April 27: The Mark, Molina, Il.
    April 28: Civic Centre, Peoria, Il.

    May 04: Center Mercer Arena, Seattle, WA.
    May 10: ??, Dixon, CA.
    May 11: Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA.
    May 17/18: Flamingo Hilton, Reno, NE.
    May 27: Terminal 1, Munich, Germany.
    May 29: Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany.
    May 30: Music Hall, Hannover, Germany.

    June 01: ??, Esbjerg, Denmark.
    June 02: Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany.
    June 04: Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany.
    June 06: Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany.
    June 07: Freilichtbuhne, Kamenz, Germany.
    June 08: Oberfrankhalle, Bayreuth, Germany.
    June 09: ??, Hammarstrand, Sweden.
    June 11: ??, Orebro, Sweden.
    June 13: ??, Skelleftea, Sweden.
    June 14: ??, Sunne, Sweden.
    June 15: ??, Karlsham, Sweden.
    June 16: ??, Kopenhagen, Denmark.
    June 18: ??, Barcelona, Spain.
    June 19: ??, Madrid, Spain.
    June 28/29: Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI

    July 05: ??, Dover, OH.
    July 06: ??, Columbus, OH.
    July 07: ??, Norway, MI.
    July 12: Knocti Harbour, Clear Lake, CA.
    July 14: ??, Chico, CA.
    July 18: ??, Perris Valley, CA.
    July 19: ??, Coachella, CA.
    July 25: ??, Pittsburg, PA.
    July 26: ??, Nashville, TN.
    July 27: ??, Kingsport, TN.

    August 01: ??, Redmond, OR.
    August 02: ??, ??.
    August 03: ??, Vancouver, WA.
    August 09: ??, ??.
    August 10: Six Flags, Arlington, TX.
    August 11: ??, ??.
    August 12: ??, Bethlehem, PA.
    August 16: ??, El Paso, TX.
    August 18: ??, Oceanside, CA.
    August 22: ??, Pine Knob, MI.
    August 23: ??, Tunica, MS.
    August 24: ??, Camdenton, MO.
    August 25: ??, ??.
    August 31: ??, Aspen, CO.

    September 01: ??, Window Rock, AZ.
    September 02: ??, Pueblo, CO.
    September 06: ??, Blackfoot, ID.
    September 07: ??, Whitefish, MT.
    September 08: ??, Spokane, WA.
    September 09: ??, Tulare, CA.
    September 11: ??, Pomona, CA.

    October 05: ??, Boise, ID.
    October 11: ??, Ogden, UT.
    October 12: ??, Capser, WY.
    October 18: ??, Tupelo, MS.
    October 19: ??, Birmingham, AL.
    October 20: ??, New Orleans, LA.
    October 25: ??, Phoenix, AZ.

    November 23: ??, Chicago, IL.

    Creedence Clearwater Revisited Demand
       Performance Tour
    June 27: Festival Grounds, Green River, WY
    June 28: Trump Marina, Atlantic City, NJ

    July 01: Qudi Vidi Park, St. Johns, NF Canada
    July 04: Konocti Harbor Resort, Kelseyville, CA
    July 05: Wild One Anniversary, Hollister, CA
    July 06: Del Mar Fair, Del Mar, CA
    July 11: Buffalo Bob's Park , Fairbanks, AK
    July 18: Chippewa Music Festival, Cadott, WI
    July 20: Jamboree In The Hills, Clairsville, OH
    July 23: Interlochen Music Festival, Interlochen, MI
    July 24: Pine Knob, Pine Knob, MI
    July 27: Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA
    July 29: Baseball Stadium, Edmonton, AB Canada
    July 31: Sask Place, Saskatoon, Saskatch

    August 01: Minnedosa Lake Resort, Minnedosa, MB Canada
    August 02: Cross Lake Resort, Cross Lake, MB Canada
    August 09: Spring Vally Park, Springdale, MB Canada
    August 15: Diablo Stadium, El Paso, TX
    August 16: Baseball Stadium, Albuquerque, NM
    August 17: Lake Leatherwood, Eureka Spg., AR
    August 22: Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, AL
    August 23: Watermelon Fest, Vincenes, IN
    August 27: Baseball Stadium, Calgary, ALB Canada

    September 05: Fair Grounds, Tule Lake,CA
    September 12: Alpine Hills Resort, Dover, OH
    September 17: National Cattle Congress Grounds, Waterloo, Iowa

    November 7/8: Sault St. Marie, Vegas Kewadin Casino

    Creedence Clearwater Revisited Demand
        Performance Tour
    May 30: Sonderborg, Denmark

    June 08: Hamburg
    June 09: Magdeburg
    June 10: Berlin
    June 12: Kamenz
    June 13: Wernesgrün
    June 14: München
    June 16: Halle
    June 17: Hannover
    June 19: Bonn
    June 20: Offenbach
    June 21: Steinbach
    June 23: Stuttgart
    June 24: Nürnberg June 26: Dal, Norway
    June 27: Mysen, Norway
    June 28: Kristiansaand, Norway

    August 01: Salina, UT - Black Hawk Arena
    August 02: Paso Robles, CA -to be confirmed-
    August 06: Medina, OH - City Fair
    August 08: Vancouver, WA -to be confirmed-
    August 11: Ventura, CA -to be confirmed-
    August 15: College Station, TX
    August 20: Wilmot, WI
    August 22: San Mateo, CA -to be confirmed-
    August 28: Mt. Shasta, CA -to be confirmed-
    August 29: Lancaster, CA - Valley Fair

    September 03: Detroit, MI - Michigan State Fair
    September 25: Pomona, CA - LA County Fair
    September 29: Bakersfield, CA - County Fair

    Creedence Clearwater Revisited in Germany
    26.05.00 Duisburg, Rhein Ruhr Halle
    27.05.00 Herne, Gysenberghalle
    28.05.00 Forst, Parkplatz neue Kreisverwaltung
    31.05.00 Berlin, Freilichtbühne Weoßensee
    01.06.00 Dresden, Junge Garde
    02.06.99 Waren/Müritz, Müritzstadion
    03.06.00 Kiel, Ostseehalle
    04.06.00 Chemnitz
    07.06.00 Wolfsburg, Congresspark
    08.06.00 Buende, Stadhalle
    09.06.00 Wiehl am Rhein (SOLD OUT)
    10.06.00 Landsberg, Freilichtbühne
    11.06.00 Torgelow, Spartakus Stadion


  • 1985
  • ??? ??: Westwood One Special with Mary Turner
  • John Fogerty Off The record
  • Jan 31: Chaplin Stage, Hollywood
  • Rockin'All Over The World (DVD)
  • Feb 09: Cleveland, Ohio

  •              Rock n'Roll Hall Of Fame (Back On The Road [CD2])

    May 31: Hollywood, Chaplin Stage, CA
    I Confess
    Hollywood, Chaplin Stage, CA - All Stars (DVD / VHS) 

  • Sep 22: Farm Aid !
  • Farm Aid 1985-1997 (DVD)
  • I Confess

  • Rockin'All Over The World (DVD)


    Mar 12: Seattle, USA

  • Live at The Paramount Theatre (CD)
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Rockin' All Over The World Tour 1986
    August 26/27: Mud Island Amphitheatre, Memphis TN, 2 concerts.
    August 29: Syria Mosque, Pittsburg, PA.
    August 30: Finger Lakes Amphitheatre, Rochester, NY.

    September 01: Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Strings, NY.
    September 03: Cayuga Country Arena, Weedsport.
    September 05: Broom Country Arena, Binghamton.
    September 06: Mann Music Center, Philadelphia, MA.
    September 09: Orange County Fairgrounds, Middletown.
    September 10: Stabler Arena, Middletown.
    September 12: Merryweather Post Pavillion, Columbia, OH.
    September 13: Garden States Art Center, Hohndel, NJ.
    September 14: Great Woods Amphitheater, Mansfield, OH.
    September 17: Hersheypark Arena, Hershey, PA
    September 18: Blossom Music Center, Cleveland, OH.
    September 20: Pine Knob Music Center, Detroit, MI.
    September 21: Hoffman Estates, Chicago, IL.
    September 23: Riverbend, Cincinatti, OH.
    September 24: Music Sports Center, Indianapolis, IN.
    September 25: Alpine ValleyMusic Theatre, East Troy, WI.

    October 22: James L. Knight Center, Miami, FL.
    October 24: Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, FL.
    October 25: Civic Center, Lakeland.
    October 27: Fox Theatre, Atlanta, CA.
    October 28: Oprey House, Nashville, TN.
    October 30: Gilliard Auditorium, Charleston.
    October 31: Memorial Auditorium, Greenville.

    November 01: Mingus Colliseum, Greenville, NC.
    November 03: Chrysler Hall, Norfolk.
    November 05: Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH.
    November 07: Braden Auditorium, Normal, IL.
    November 08: C.Y. Stevens, Ames, OH.
    November 09: Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, MN.
    November 11: Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KA.
    November 12: Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MS.
    November 13: Holiday Star Plaza, Merriville, IN.
    November 15: Barnhill Arena, Fayettefille.
    November 16: Brady Theatre, Tulsa, OK.

    December 01: ?, British Vancouver, CA.
    December 03: Paramount, Seattle, WA.
    December 04: Civic Auditorium, Portland, OR.
    December 05: ?, Eugene, OR.
    December 07: Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA.
    Vet's Rousing Welcome Home (BONUSTRACKS 3x)
    Oakland coliseum Arena Ca December 7, 1986
    December 09: ?, Sacramento.
    December 11/12/13: Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA.

  • July 04: Washington D.C, Capitol Centre, USA
  • Blue Moon Swamp Tour DVD
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty (DVD)
  • I Confess
  • Rockin'All Over The World (DVD)
  • Vet's Rousing Welcome Home (Vietnam Benefit Show)
  • Welcome Home Concert (DVD / VHS)
  • Sept 16: Troy, Oregon USA
  • The Troy Inn (DVD)

  • 1989
  • May 27: Oakland, CA
  • Fogerty& Garcia / Weir 
  • Live in Oakland Live Aids
  • Live with the Grateful Dead (Bonus Austin City Limits Bootleg DVD)
  • Nov 11: Oakland, CA
  • Earthquake Relief Concert (DVDR)

  • 1993
  • March ??: New York, Waldorf Astoria
  • Rockin'All Over The World (DVD)

  • 1996
  • ??? ??: Rock N'Roll Hall of Fame
  • I Confess

  • 1997
  • ??? ??: Live at the Palamino Club, Hollywood, CA
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty (DVD)
  • ??? ??: One Night Late
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty (DVD)
  • ??? ??: Rehearsal 1997
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty (DVD)
  • ??? ??: VH1 Storytellers
  • VH1 Storytellers 1997 (DVD)
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Blue Moon Swamp Tour 1997
    May 07: Rehearsals (Blue Moon Swamp Tour DVDR)
    May 18: The Fillmore, San Francisco
    Live at The Fillmore
    May 19: The Fillmore, San Francisco
    Live at The Fillmore
    May 21: House of Blues, LA
    May 23: House of Blues, LA
    May 24: House of Blues, LA
    May 27: Chicago. Illanois
    May 28: Chicago. Illanois
    House Of Blues
    May 29: Toronto ONT, CA
    May 30: Toronto, Government Club, ONT, CA (DVDR)

    June 02: Hammerstein Ballroom, New York
    June 05 TV show The David Letterman Show, New York
    /06: Storyteller: In Concert New Rock (VH1 Broadcasted)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival / John Fogerty( DVD)
    I Saw It On TV (DVD)
    June 07: Hard Rock Cafe rec. for VH1 New York
    June 08: 328 Performance Hall, Nashville
    June 09: Goodmorning America (ABC Broadcasted)
    June 09: Roxy, Atlanta
    June 18: London, GB Promotional Date
    June 19: Hamburg, GER Promotional Date
    June 20: Paris, FRA Promotional Date
    June 22: TV show "Gottschalk's Houseparty"
    June 23  Stockholm, SWE Promotional Date
    /24: Pulsen STV2, 27.07.97 (DVDR)
    June 25: Roskilde, Denmark
    Back On The Road (CD1)
    June 26: Roskilde, Denmark
    Live at the Roskilde Festival
    June 27: "Grünspan Salto Mobile", Hamburg
    Live at Gruenspan, Hamburg, Germany 
    June 29: Blue Moon Swamp Tour Rehearsal, Los Angeles
    Storyteller: In Concert New Rock (VH1 Broadcasted)

    July 01: Blue Moon Swamp Tour Rehearsal, Los Angeles
    July 08: Blue Moon Swamp Tour starts, Florida USA
    July 10: Palace Theater, Louisville KY
    July 12: Nautica Stage, Cleveland OH -cancelled-
    July 14: Zoo Amphitheater, Toledo OH
    July 15: I.C. Light Amphitheater, Pittsburgh PA
    July 17: Tower Theater, Upper Darby PA
    July 18: TV show Tonight with Conan O'Brien
    Storyteller: In Concert New Rock (VH1 Broadcasted)
    July 19: Oakdale Theater, Wallingford CT
    July 20: Harbourlights, Boston
    July 25: Lollipop Festival, Stockholm
    ZTV OCH Konsert & Interview
    July 26: Hartwall Arena, Helsinki
    July 27: Spectrum, Oslo, Norway

    Aug 03: Hard Rock Live VH1
    Aug 11: Jay Leno Tonight Show
    Aug 14: Paramount Theatre, Denver, CO
    Aug 17: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
    Live at the Shoreline
    Aug 18: Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA
    Aug 20: Cuthbert Theatre, Eugene, OR
    Aug 22: Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver, BC
    Aug 23: The Gorge, George, WA
    Aug 25: The Farayon, Fresno, CA
    Aug 28: The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

    Sep 08: St.Louis, Mo.
    Sep 11: State Theatre, Minneapolis
    Live at the the State Theatre
    Sep 16: Columbus, Ohio
    Sep 25: Saenger Theater, New Orleans

    Nov 03: Malmö, Sweden
    Nov 04: Malmö, Sweden

    Premonition Tour 1998
    April 24: New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
    April 25: Universtiy of New Orleans.

    June 12: Tinley Park, IL, New World Music Theatre 
    June 13: Deer Creek Music Center, Indianapolis, Indiana
    June 15: Milwaukee WI, Marcus Amphitheatre 
    June 16: Minneapolis MN, Northrop Auditorium 
    June 18: Pine Knob Music Theater, Detroit
    June 19: Burgettstown PA , Star Lake Amphitheatre
    June 21: DARIEN CENTER, NY
    June 22: Poughkeepsie, NY
    June 24: SCRANTON, PA
    June 25: Wantagh NY, Jones Beach Amph.
    June 27: Holmdel NJ, P.N.C. Bank Arts Center 
    June 28: Wallingford CT, Oakdale Theatre
    June 30: Mansfield MA, Great Woods Center 

    July 02: New York NY, Radio City Music Hall 
    July 03: Star Pavillion, Hershey, PA
    July 05: Saratoga Springs NY, Performing Arts Center
    July 07: Philadelphia PA, Mann Music Center 
    July 09: Virginia Beach VA, Virginia Beach Amphitheater 
    July 10: Bristow VA, Nissan Pavilion 
    July 19: Atlanta GA, Chastain Park Amphitheatre 
    July 21: Richmond VA, Classic Amphitheatre 
    July 22: Charlotte NC, Blockbuster Pavilion 
    July 25: West Palm Beach FL, Coral Sky Amphitheatre
    July 29: Knoxville TN, World's Fair Park
    July 31: Antioch TN, Starwood Amphitheatre

    Aug 01: Little Rock AR
    Aug  03: Woodlands TX, C.W. Mitchell Pavilion
    Aug 04: Dallas TX, Starplex Amphitheatre
    Aug 06: Morrison CO, Red Rocks Amphitheatre
    Aug 08: Woodinville WA, Chateau Ste. Michelle
    Aug 09: Eugene OR, Cuthbert Amphitheater
    Aug 11: Portland OR, River Queen Showplace
    Aug 13: Fresno CA
    Aug 14: Berkeley CA, Greek Theatre
    Aug 14: San Francisco, CA
    Live at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium 
    Aug 15: San Jose CA
    Aug 17: Chula Vista CA, Coors Amphitheatre
    Aug 19: Los Angeles CA, Greek Theatre
    Aug 20: Los Angeles CA, Greek Theatre
    Aug 28: Boston

    ??? ??: Bei der TV Show, Germany ZDF TV (DVDR)
    Sep 02: Copenhagen DEN Forum
    Sep 04: Malmo SWE Baitiska Hallen
    Sep 05: Goteborg SWE Scandinavium
    Midnight Special 
    Sep 07: Helsinki FIN Hartwall Arena
    Sep 09: Norrkoping SWE Himmelstalundhallen
    Sep 11: Stockholm SWE Stockholm Globe Arena
    The Complete Concert 
    The Complete Concert
    Sep 12: Borlange SWE Kupolen
    Sep 14: Oslo NOR Oslo Spektrum

    Oct 04:  The New World Music Theater, Tinley Park, Illinois
    Farm Aid 1985-1997 (DVD)
    Nov 12: Sydney Entertainment Centre
    Nov 15: Brisbane Entertainment Centre
    Nov 18: Melbourne Park
    Nov 21: Adelaide Entertainment Centre

    ??? ??: Hard Rock Cafe
    Hard Rock Live (DVDR)

    Dec 31: Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C
    Rockin'All Over The World (DVD)

    John Fogerty with Tina Turner Tour 2000
    June 30: Zurich, Switzerland
    John Fogerty Zurich 30 Juni 2000 (DVDR)
    July 01: Zurich, Swiszerland
    July 03: Hannover, Germany
    July 05: Parijs, France
    July 07: Glasgow, Scotland
    July 09: Cardiff, UK
    July 11: Dublin, Ireland
    July 13: Sheffield, UK
    July 15: London (Wembley)
    July 16: London (Wembley)
    July 18: Groningen, Netherlands
    Live Groningen Netherlands
    July 19: Hamburg, Germany
    July 21: Berlin, Germany
    July 23: München, Germany
    Live in Munich Germany 
    July 25: Werchter (Belgie)
    July 27: Frankfurt, Germany
    July 28: Köln, Germany
    July 30: Leipzig, Germany

    Aug 01: Wenen, Austria
    USA Tour 2000
    Aug 05: West Palm Beach Fla.- Mars music 
    Aug 07: Atlanta Ga.-Chastain Park 

    Aug 12-13: Westwood One
    Weekend of August 12-13

    Aug 19: Mansfield MA - Tweeter Performing Arts Center
    Aug 20: Long Island Ny.-Jones Beach Amp. 
    Aug 21: Vienna Va.- Wolf Trap 

    Sep 01: Chicago-Tinley Park-New World Amp.
    Sep 03: Aerial Theatre, Houston, Texas
    Sep 09: Concord, Chronicle Pavillion, CA (Acura Music Festival)
    Live at the Chronicle Pavillion 
    Sep 10: Los Angeles, CA UCLA Tennis Center

    ??/??/??Live By Request 2004 (DVD / SVCD)

    06/26/04 Lake Tahoe, Stateline Nevada
    Live at Harvey's (Resort & Casino)

    09/22/04 Englewood, New Yersey

    11/14/04 Bacon Theatre, New York
    Live at the Beacon Theatre New York (DVDR)
    USA Winter Tour 2004
    10/04/01 Wachovia Center in Philadelphia during the Vote For Change tour
    10/08/04  Austin, USA (Recorded)
    Austin City Limits Live 2004 (Official DVD)
    Austin City Limits Live 2004 (Bootleg DVD)

    11/08/04 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
    11/09/04 Asheville, NC Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
    11/10/04 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
    11/12/04 Washington, DC 930 Club
    11/13/04Upper Darby, PA Tower Theatre
    Upper Darby Tower Theatre
    11/14/04 New York, NY Beacon Theatre
                 Live in New York 2004 (DVDR)
    11/16/04 Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre
    11/18/04 Toronto, ON Massey Hall
    11/20/04 Detroit, MI State Theatre
    11/21/04 Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
    11/23/04 Minneapolis, MN Northrop Auditorium
    11/26/04 Los Angeles, CA Pantages Theatre
    11/27/04 Anaheim, CA The Grove Of Anaheim
    11/28/04 Las Vegas, NV Hard Rock Hotel - The Joint
    11/30/04 Bakersfield, CA,Fox Theatre

    12/01/04 San Francisco, CA, The Grand
    12/02/04 Turlock, CA, Turlock Community Theatre
    12/04/04 Portland, OR,Roseland Theatre
    12/05/04 Seattle, WA, Moore Theatre

    Jan 20: Union Station, Los Angeles, CA
    Keith Urban & John Fogerty

    Feb 02: CMT Crossroads, Los Angeles
    Rockin'All Over The World (DVD)
    Live In Europe Tour 2005
    01 march Elysee,Turku , Finland 
    02 march Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland
    04 march Nordic Hallen, Sundsvall, Sweden
    05 march Globen, Stockholm, Sweden
    07 march Spektrum, Oslo, Norway
    09 march Scandinavium, Gothenburg , Sweden
    11 march Löfbergs Lila Arena, Karlstadt, Sweden
    John Fogerty in Karlstad (DVD & DVDROM)
    13 march Cloetta Center, Linköping, Sweden
    14 march Baltiska Hallen, Malmö, Sweden
    15 march VALBY HALLEN, Kopenhagen, Denmark

    17.03.2005 Antwerpen, Sportpaleis, Belgium
    Proud Mary 2005
    18.03.2005 Köln, Palladium , Germany
    19.03.2005 Offenbach, Stadthalle, Germany
    21.03.2005 Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hal, Netherlands
    Amsterdam 2005 (1ste Show) 
    Amsterdam 2005 (Short Clips) (DCD & DVDROM)
    22.03.2005 Parijs, Grand Rex, France
    23.03.2005 Basel, Switserland 
    25.03.2005 Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hal, Netherlands

    08.07.2005 New York, Wantagh, Jones Beach, USA
    15.07.2005 Tweeter Centre, ???

    Live Hollywood Bowl CA

    15.09.2005 Los Angeles, Wiltern Theater, USA
      Los Angeles, Wiltern Theater, USA
                    The Long Road Home (DVD)

    Australia  & New Zealand Tour
    01-December Auckland, New Zealand  -  Civic Theatre 
    02-December Auckland, New Zealand  -  Civic Theatre 
    03-December New Plymouth, New Zealand  -  Bowl of Brooklands 


    Europe Summer Tour 2006
    U.S. SUMMER 2006 TOUR with Willie Nelson

    12-May London, BBC Studios, UK
    Rockin'All Over The World (DVD)

    07-June Burbank (Jay Leno), USA
    Rockin'All Over The World (DVD)
    28-June Paris, France Palais des Congres 
    29-June London, England Hammersmith Apollo 

    01-July Antwerp, Belgium Sportspalace
    02-July Bonn, Germany Museumplatz
    03-July Amsterdam, The Netherlands Heineken Music Hall 
    05-July Alborg, Denmark Skovdalen
    07-July Sundsvall, Sweden Gatufesten
    08-July Piteå, Sweden Pite Havsbad
    10-July Stockholm, Sweden The Globe
    12-July Langesund, Norway Wrightegaarden Krofshavn 
    14-July Sotra, Norway Straume Idrettspark 
    15-July Kunsbacka, Sweden Tingbergsvallen 
    16-July Helsingborg, Sweden Sofiero Slott
    18-July Hamburg, Germany Stadtpark
    19-July Amsterdam, Netherlands Heineken Music Hall
    Amsterdam 2006 (DVD)

    The Long Road Home USA Tour 2006
    22-July West Palm Beach FL  Sound Advice Amphitheatre
    23-July Tampa FL  Ford Amphitheatre
    25-July Nashville TN  Starwood Amphitheatre
    26-July Birmingham AL  Verizon Wireless Music Center
    28-July Charlotte NC  Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
    29-July Raleigh NC  ALLTEL Pavilion
    30-July Virginia Beach VA  Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

    SOLO Tour 2006
    04-Aug Mansfield MA  Tweeter Center
    05-Aug Holmdel NJ  PNC Bank Arts Center
    06-Aug Saratoga Springs NY  Saratoga Performing Arts Center
    08-Aug Hampton Beach NH  Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
    09-Aug Scranton PA  Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain
    11-Aug Wantagh NY  Nikon at Jones Beach Theater
    12-Aug Atlantic City NJ  Borgata Resort Spa & Casino
    13-Aug Darien Center NY  Darien Lake PAC
    15-Aug Columbus OH  Germain Amphitheatre
    16-Aug Cincinnati OH  Riverbend Music Center
    18-Aug Clarkston MI  DTE Energy Music Center 
    19-Aug Noblesville IN  Verizon Wireless Music Center 
    20-Aug Chicago IL  Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island
    22-Aug St. Louis MO  UMB Bank Pavilion
    23-Aug Kansas City MO  Starlight Theatre
    25-Aug Denver CO  City Lights Pavilion
    26-Aug Albuquerque NM  Journal Pavilion
    27-Aug Phoenix AZ  Cricket Pavilion
    29-Aug Alpine CA  Viejas Concerts in the Park
    30-Aug Lemoore CA  Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino

    01-Sep Hemet CA  Soboba Casino
    02-Sep Los Angeles CA  Greek Theatre
    03-Sep Santa Barbara CA  County Bowl 
    03-Sep Mexico City, MX National Auditorium Date Day City Venue

    04-Nov Burbank, USA
    Rockin'All Over The World (DVD)
    23-Nov Kansas City, Arrowhead Stadium, Missouri
    Half Time Show Kansas City 2006 (DVD)

    John Fogerty USA 
    Fall Tour 2006:

    01-Dec Beacon Theatre in New York  City. 
    02-Dec The Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.


    07-Feb  Los Angeles, House of Blues, CA

    Europa Tour 2007

    20-May Dana Point, California (Doheny Blues Festival) 

    11-June Schloss Abenburg, Germany
    22-June London, Engeland, Wembley Arena (
    23-June Glastonbury, Engeland,Festival 
    Glastinbury Festival 2007( DVDR)
    I Saw It On TV (DVD)
    25-June Zwickau, Duitsland, Neue Stadthalle 
    26-June Dresden, Duitsland, Junge Garden 
    27-June Rostock, Duitsland, IGA Gelande 
    29-June Mainz , Duitsland, festival
    30-June Gelsenkirchen, Duitsland, Amphitheatre 

    01-July Parijs, Frankrijk, Olympia Theatre 
    03-July Hamburg , Duitsland, Stadtpark 
    04-July Odense, Denemarken, City Square 
    05-July Frederikshavn, Denemarken, City Square
    07-July Werchter, Belgie, TW Classic
    08-July Weert, Nederland, Bospop Festival 
    10-July Berlijn, Duitsland, Zitadelle
    11-July Burg Abenberg Nurnberg, Duitsland, Schloss 
    13-July Zurich, Zwitserland, Live at Sunset
    14-July Klam, Oostenrijk (Castle)
    15-July Wiesen, Oostenrijk (Festival Tent)
    17-July Montreal QU Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier
    18-July Ottawa ON Scotiabank Place
    20-July Toronto ON Molson Amphitheatre
    21-July London ON John Labatt Centre 
    22-July Kettering OH Fraze Pavilion
    24-July Milwaukee WI Riverside Theatre
    26-July Winnipeg MB MTS Centre
    28-July Calgary AB Pengrowth Saddledome 
    29-July Edmonton AB Rexall Place
    31-July Kelowna BC Prospera Place

    01-Aug Victoria BC Sav On Foods Centre
    02-Aug Thu Burnaby BC Shadbolt Centre

    02-Sep David Letterman Talk Show

    03-Oct New York, Ed Sullivan Theatre
    I Saw It On TV (DVD)
    (The Late Show with David Letterman)

    Revival  USA Tour 2007
    02-Nov New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom
    03-Nov Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre
    05-Nov Verona, NY Turning Stone
    06-Nov Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre 
    08-Nov Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre 
    09-Nov Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena 
    10-Nov Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Music Box
    23-Nov Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theatre
    24-Nov Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Events Center
    25-Nov Las Vegas, NV The Joint 
    27-Nov Minneapolis, MN State Theatre 
    28-Nov Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
    29-Nov Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre
               Soundstage 2007 (DVDR)
    30-Nov St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center 

    01-Dec Indianapolis, IN Murat Theatre 
    03-Dec Louisville, KY The Louisville Palace
    04-Dec Atlanta, GA Cobb Energy PAC
    05-Dec Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium 
    07-Dec Grand Prairie, TX Nokia Theatre 


    07 Feb Wed Los Angeles, CA  House of Blues
    08 Feb Wed VH1 Storytellers 
    10 Feb 50th Grammy Awards
                 Soundstage 2007 (DVDR)
    21 Feb The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
                 Soundstage 2007 (DVDR)

    10 Mar Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City. USA
    12 Mar Wed Houston, TX Houston Rodeo
    16 Mar Sun Freemantle, Australia The Esplanade 
    19 Mar Wed Melbourne, Australia Rod Laver Arena 
    22 Mar Sat Point Nepean, Australia Point Nepean National Park
    23 Mar Sun Hobart, Australia Southern Roots Festival 
    24 Mar Mon Byron Bay, Australia Belongil Fields
    26 Mar Wed Sydney, Australia Sydney Entertainment Centre
    27 Mar Thu Brisbane, Australia Brisbane Entertainment Centre
    29 Mar Sat Newcastle, Australia Newcastle Entertainment Centre

    05 Apr Live in Swedish TV
    18 Apr Fri Florence, Arizona Country Thunder Festival

    02 May Fri Indio, California Stagecoach Festival 
    04 May Sun Santa Barbara, California Santa Barbara Bowl 
    09 May Fri Sparks, Nevada Golden Nugget Rose Ballroom 
    10 May Sat Kelseyville, California Konocti Amphitheatre
    21 May Wed Reykjavik, Iceland Langardshal
    23 May Fri Stockholm, Sweden Hovet 
    24 May Sat Karlstad, Sweden Lila Arena
    26 May Mon Helsinki, Finland Hartwall Arena
    28 May Wed Oslo, Norway Sentrum 
    30 May Fri Ystad, Sweden Oja Castle
    31 May Sat Jelling, Denmark Festival

    01 Jun Sun Berlin, Germany Zitadelle
    03 Jun Tue Leipzig, Germany Arena 
    04 Jun Wed Erfurt, Germany Messehalle 
    06 Jun Fri Stuttgart, Germany Killesburg
    07 Jun Sat Bonn, Germany Museumplatz
    08 Jun Sun Paris, France Grand Rex
    10 Jun Tue Frankfurt, Germany Jahrhunderthalle 
    11 Jun Wed Munich, Germany Zenith 
    12 Jun Thu Milan, Italy Alcatraz
    14 Jun Sat Ljublijana, Slovenia Tivoli 
    15 Jun Sun Linz, Austria Liva Sport
    17 Jun Tue Vienna, Austria Stadthalle Wien
    19 Jun Thu Brussels, Belgium Forest National 
    20 Jun Fri Rotterdam, Holland Ahoy
    22 Jun Sun Manchester, England Apollo 
    24 Jun Tue London, England Royal Albert Hall 

    02 Aug Sat Moncton, NB Canada Magnetic Hill 
    04 Aug Mon Council Bluffs, Iowa Harrah's Council Bluffs - Stir Cove 
    07 Aug Thu Canandaigua, New York Constellation Performing Arts Center
    08 Aug Fri Wallingford, Connecticut Chevrolet Theatre 
    09 Aug Sat Portland, Maine Baystock Music Festival
    10 Aug Sun Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Musikfest 
    12 Aug Tue Gilford, New Hampshire Meadowbrook 
    13 Aug Wed Shelburne, Vermont The Green at Shelburne Museum 
    24 Aug Sun Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville Pavilion 
    26 Aug Tue Lancaster, California Antelope Valley Fair 
    27 Aug Wed Pala, California Palomar Starlight Theatre 
    30 Aug Sat Copper Mountain, Colorado Copper Mountain Ski Resort 
    31 Aug Sun Aspen, Colorado JazzAspen Festival

    27 Sep Austin City Limits Festival, Zilker Park,Texas USA

    02 Nov Fri New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom
    03 Nov Sat Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre 
    05 Nov Mon Verona, NY Turning Stone 
    06 Nov Tue Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre 
    08 Nov Thu Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre 
    09 Nov Fri Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena 
    10 Nov Sat Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Music Box 
    23 Nov Fri Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theatre
    24 Nov Sat Phoenix, AZ Maricopa Events Center
    25 Nov Sun Las Vegas, NV The Joint 
    27 Nov Tue Minneapolis, MN State Theatre 
    28 Nov Wed Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre 
    30 Nov Fri St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center 

    01 Dec Sat Indianapolis, IN Murat Theatre
    03 Dec Mon Louisville, KY The Louisville Palace 
    04 Dec Tue Atlanta, GA Cobb Energy PAC
    05 Dec Wed Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
    07 Dec Fri Grand Prairie, TX Nokia Theatre


    North American Tour Spring 2009
    May 17 Credit Union Place Centre Summerside Prince Edward IS
    May 18 Halifax Metro Centre Halifax Nova Scotia
    May 19 Coliseum Moncton New Brunswick
    May 21 Bell Centre Montreal Quebec
    May 22 Pavilion de la Jeunesse Quebec City Quebec
    May 23 Air Canada Centre Toronto Ontario
    May 25 Scotiabank Place Ottawa Ontario
    May 26 K-Rock Centre Kingston Ontario
    May 28 Copps Coliseum Hamilton Ontario
    May 29 Meadow Brook Rochester Hills Michigan
    May 30 The Venue @ Horseshoe Casino Hammond Indiana

    June 01 MTS Centre Winnipeg Manitoba
    June 02 Credit Union Centre Saskatoon Saskatchewan
    June 03,Rexall Place Edmonton Alberta
    June 05 Stampede Corral Calgary Alberta 
    June 06 Interior Savings Centre Kamloops British Columbia 
    June 07 Pontiac Theatre at GM Place Vancouver British Columbia 
    June 08 Sav On Foods Memorial Centre Victoria British Columbia 

    July  01 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    July  02 Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles CA 
    July  03 Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles CA 
    July  04 Hollywood Bowl Los Angeles CA 

    Europe  Tour Summer 2009
    July 10 San Javier Jazz Festival San Javier Spain
    July 11 Guitar Festival Cordoba Spain 
    July 13 Conde Duque Theatre Madrid Spain
    July 14 San Jordi Club Barcelona Spain 
    July 16 Jazz Festival Montreux Switzerland 
    July 18 Oberstadt Platz Imst Austria 
    July 19 Emmendingen Nr Freiburg Germany 
    July 20,Peer Festival Peer Belgium 
    July 22 Blue Balls Festival Lucerne Switzerland 
    July 23 Burg, Esslingen Nr Stuttgart Germany 
    July 25 Cavea Auditorium Rome Italy 
    July 26 Piazza Napoleone Lucca Italy 
    July 28 Piazzale Camerina Padova Italy 

    In Between
    Sept 03 David Letterman Show
    Sept 08 Fallon

    Oct 29 25th Anniversary Rock & Roll Hall of Fame concert,
                Madison Square Garden, NYC USA

    Nov 10 Conan Show

    North American Tour Autumn 2009
    Nov 19 Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theater Thu
    Nov 21 Chicago, IL Auditorium Theatre Sat
    Nov 22 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium Sun
    Nov 24 New York, NY Beacon Theatre Tue
    Nov 25 Newark, NJ New Jersey Performing Arts Center Wed
    Nov 27 Mashantucket, CT MGM Grand Theatre at Foxwoods Fri
    Nov 28 Upper Darby, PA Tower Theater Sat
    Nov 29 Boston, MA Orpheum Theatre Sun


    29.01.2010 MusiCares Person of the Year tribute to Neil Young,
                       Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA USA

    12.02.2010 The Show at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa, Rancho Mirage,
                      CA USA

    17.04.2010 Laughlin, NV., Rodeo Park, USA
    18.04.2010 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards, Las Vegas, Nev.
    22.04.2010 Hollywood, Seminole Hard Rock Arena, FL
    23.04.2010 Live Oak, Suwanee River Jam, FL 
    24.04.2010 St Petersburgh, Tropicana Field, FL
                       (After Tampa Rays Baseball Game)

    18-05-2010 58th Annual BMI Pop Awards, Beverly Hills, CA USA

    World & European Tour  2010
    13.06.2010 Manchester, Bonnaroo Music Festival , USA
    14.06.2010 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Manchester, Tenn.USA
    29.06.2010 Oslo, Sentrum Scene NO
    30.06.2010 Bergen, Koengen, Bergenhus Festning / Plenen  NO

    02.07.2010 Stockholm, Grona Lund   SE
    03.07.2010 Borlange, Peace and Love Festival / Peace & Love  SE
    05.07.2010 Helsingborg, Sofierovägen, , SE
    06.07.2010 Copenhagen, Old Shipyard, DK
    06.07.2010 Brøndby, Brøndby Stadion Cricketbanen, Denmark
    08.07.2010 Munich, Theatron im Olympiapark, DE
    08.07.2010 Munich, Tollywood Festival,  DE
    09.07.2010 Cologne, Open Air Am Tanzbrunnen, DE
    10.07.2010 Weert, Bospop Festival,  NL
    12.07.2010 Graz, Sportshall Messehalle B, AT
    13.07.2010 Vienna, Summer Arena, AT
    14.07.2010 Salzburg Arena Salzburg  AT
    15.07.2010 Zürich, Dolder, Live at Sunset SWI
    17.07.2010 Mainz, Volkspark Zitadelle, DE
    18.07.2010 Parkbuhne Leipzig DE
    20.07.2010 Tienen, Suikerrock, BE
    21.07.2010 Trier, Arena, DE
    22.07.2010 Hamburg, Stadtpark, DE
    23.07.2010 Piro, Kirjurinluoto Arena at Pori Jazz Festival, Finland

    25.07.2010 Cooperstown, National Baseball Hall of Fame, NY
    31.07.2010 Niigata,  Fuji Rock Festival, (Naeba Ski Resort) Japan

    10.09.2010 MGM Grand At Foxwoods, Mashantucket, Conn.USA
    11.09.2010 Foxwoods, MGM Grand
    11.09.2010 Atlantic City, NJ., Borgata Spa and Resort
    12.09.2010 Saugerties, H.I.T.S. on the Hudson, USA
    14.09.2010  Main St, Auditorium Theatre, 875 E
    14.09.2010 Rochester, NY., Auditorium Theatre, USA
    15.09.2010 Orillia, ON., Casino Rama, Canada

    09.10.2010 St. Andrews/Coast of Fife, Alfred Dunhill Links Dinner
    (Private concert), Scottland
    22.10.2010 Antwerp, Sportpaleis (Night Of The Proms), Belgium

    04.11.2010 Antwerpen, Sportpaleis (Night Of The Proms), Belgium


    Lookin' Out My Back Door Tour 2011
    Mar  27 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia

    Apr 03 Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia
    Apr 04 Girls' Night Out: Superstar Women of Country, Las Vegas, Nev.USA

    South America Tour 2011
    May 06 Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    May 07 Chevrolet Hall, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
    May 08 Credicard Hall, São Paulo, Brazil
    May 10 Credicard Hall, São Paulo, Brazil
    May 12 Estadio Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    May 13 Estadio Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    May 15 Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile

    World Tour 2011
    May 26 Double Door, Chicago, IL, USA

    June 08 Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre, Victoria, BC, Canada
    June 25 Millenium Square (Creation of Peace Festival) Kazan, Russia
    June 26.2011 Crocus City Hall, Moscow, Russia

    July 12 Le Breton Festival Park, Ottawa, ON, Canada
    ............(Cisco Systems Bluesfest 2011)
    July 14 Motoplex Speedway, Vernon, BC, Canada
    July 17 Les Plaines D'Abraham, Quebec City, QC, Canada
    ............(Festival d'été de Québec)

    Aug 14 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, USA
    ............(Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival)
    Aug 26 The Legendary Buffalo Chip, Sturgis, S.D. USA

    Sept 02 Rått Og Råde Festival, Stavanger, Norway
    Sept 03 Valhall stadion, Tromsø, Norway (Døgnvillfestivalen)

    Nov 10 Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, FL, USA
    Nov 12 St. Augustine Amphitheatre, St. Augustine, FL, USA

    Lookin' Out My Back Door Tour
    Nov 17 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA
    Nov 18 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY, USA
    Nov 20 Circus Maximus Theater, Atlantic City, NJ, USA
    Nov 22 Hard Rock Cafe, New York, NY, USA


    Jan 31 Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA USA

    Mar 27  Melbourne, Rod Laver Arena, Australia
    Mar 29  Adeliade, Adelaide Entertainment Center, Australia

    Apr 1  West Coast Blues N' Roots  Perth Australia 
    Apr 3  Sydney Entertainment Centre  Sydney Australia 
    Apr 5  Brisbane Entertainment Centre  Brisbane Australia 
    Apr 7  Bluesfest, Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, Byron Bay, New South Wales,
    Apr 9  Bluesfest, Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, Byron Bay, New South Wales, 

    Jun 15  Northern Quest Resort & Casino  Airway Heights, WA United States 
    Jun 16  Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery  Woodinville, WA United States 
    Jun 17  Edgefield  Troutdale, OR United States 
    Jun 21  Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheater @ Deer Valley Resort  Park City, USA
    Jun 22  Telluride Bluegrass Festival  Telluride, CO USA

    European Summertour  2012
    30 June 2012 Lakeside Festival, Jarvenpaar , Finland

    01 July 2012 Raatti Football Stadium,Oulu, Finland
    04 July 2012 Country Music Festival ,Vinstra, Noorwegen
    06 July 2012 Dalhalla,Rattvik, Zweden
    07 July 2012 Nordic Rock Festival,Umea, Zweden 
    09 July 2012 Skovdalen,Aalborg, Denemarken 
    11 July 2012 Bendiksbukta,Kristiansand, Noorwegen
    13 July 2012 Ziggo Dome,Amsterdam, Nederland
    14 July 2012 Hyde Park, London, Engeland (+Springsteen) SOLD OUT !!!
    16 July 2012 Peer Blues Festival, Belgie :

    Canadian Tour  2012
    July 18 Thunder Bay, ON Canada  Thunder Bay Community Auditorium
    July 19 Thunder Bay, ON Canada  Thunder Bay Community Auditorium

    USA Tour  2012
    July 20 Walker, MN United States  Moondance Jam
    Aug 01  Livermore, CA United States  Wente Vineyard
    Aug 02  Saratoga, CA United States  The Mountain Winery 
    Aug 03  Murpheys, CA United States  Ironstone Vineyards 

    Canadian Tour  2012
    Sep 07  St. John's, NL Canada  Mile One Stadium 
    Sep 08  St. John's, NL Canada  Mile One Stadium 
    Sep 10  Halifax, NS Canada  Halifax Metro Centre 
    Sep 11  Moncton, NB Canada  Moncton Coliseum Arena
    Sep 13  London, ON Canada  John Labatt Centre
    Sep 14  Toronto, ON Canada  Sony Centre
    Sep 15  Oshawa, ON Canada  General Motors Centre  (Sold Out) 
    Sep 17  Sudbury, ON Canada  Sudbury Arena 
    Sep 18  Sault Sainte Marie, ON Canada  Essar Centre
    Sep 20  Winnipeg, MB Canada  MTS Centre
    Sep 21  Regina, SK Canada  Brandt Centre
    Sep 22  Edmonton, AB Canada  Rexall Place
    Sep 24  Dawson Creek, BC Canada  EnCana Events Centre 
    Sep 25  Prince George, BC Canada  CN Centre 
    Sep 27  Kelowna, BC Canada  Prospera Place
    Sep 28  Abbotsford, BC Canada  Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre 
    Sep 29  Victoria, BC Canada  Save On Foods Memorial Centre 

    Oct 18  Tucson, AVA Ampitheatre, AZ USA
    Oct 19  Mesa, Arizona State Fair, AZ USA


    Feb 13 Playing with Sound City Players at Hammerstein Ballroom,
                New York City February 13, 2013

    Apr 08 ACM Presents: Tim McGraw's Superstar Summer Night," MGM Grand
               Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nev

    May 21 Interlocken Festival!
    May 22 The Late Show with David Letterman - CBS
    May 23 The View - ABC
    May 28 El Rey Theatre  Los Angeles, CA USA

    Wrote A Song For Everyone USA Tour

    Sep 5-8 Arrington, VA—Interlocken Festival w/ Widespread Panic

                An Evening With John Fogerty
    Sep 26 The Grammy Museum at L.A. Live - Los Angeles CA 
    Sep 27 Riverfront Park, Nashville USA w/ Zac Brown Band
    Sep 28 Riverfront Park, Nashville USA w/ Zac Brown Band 
                Appearing at "Zac Brown's Southern Ground Music & Food Festival"

    USA Fall Tour
    Oct 10 Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE 
    Oct 11 Paso Robles, CA Vina Robles Amphitheatre 
    Oct 12 Berkeley, CA Greek Theatre 
    Oct 15 Denver, CO Fillmore Auditorium 
    Oct 17 Catoosa, OK The Joint @ Hard Rock Casino / Tulsa 
    Oct 18 Grand Prairie, TX Verizon Theatre At Grand Prairie 
    Oct 19 Austin, TX Austin City Limits Live at The Moody Theater 
    Oct 20 The Woodlands, TX The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion 
    Oct 22 Tupelo, MS BancorpSouth Arena 
    Oct 23 Huntsville, AL Propst Arena 
    Oct 25 Alpharetta, GA Verizon Wireless Amph. At Encore Park 
    Oct 26 Saint Augustine, FL St. Augustine Amphitheatre 
    Oct 27 Tampa, FL David A. Straz Jr. Center For The Performing Arts 
    Oct 29 Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Live 
    Oct 30 Orlando, FL Hard Rock Cafe / Hard Rock Live 

    Nov 01 Salisbury, MD Wicomico Youth & Civic 
    Nov 02 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa / Event 
    Nov 03 Durham, NC Durham Performing Arts Center 
    Nov 05 California, PA California University 
    Nov 06 Baltimore, MD Modell Performing Arts Center At The Lyric 
    Nov 08 Washington, DC DAR Constitution Hall 
    Nov 09 Wallingford, CT Toyota Presents The Oakdale Theatre 
    Nov 10 Albany, NY Times Union Center
    Nov 12 New York, NY Beacon Theatre 
    Nov 13 New York, NY Beacon Theatre 
    Nov 14 New York, NY Beacon Theatre


    Festival Tour
    Jan  28 Huntington, The Paramount, NY, US 
    Jan  29 Huntington, The Paramount, NY, US 
    Jan  30 Huntington, The Paramount, NY, US 

    Apr  25 New Orleans,  Jazz Festival, Fair Grounds Race Course

    May 01 New Orleans, No Jazz, Jazz Festival, 
                  Fair Grounds Race Course, USA LA
    May 04 New Orleans,  Jazz Festival,
                  Fair Grounds Race Course, USA LA
    May 14 New Orleans, Jazz Festival,
                  Fair Grounds Race Course, USA LA
    May 31 Jelling, Jelling Music Festival, Denmark 

    Jun  21 San Francisco, Toyota Stadium, Texas, TX USA

    July 05 Avia, Hoyos Del Espino, Spain
    July 07 Milan, City Sound Arena, Italy
    July 08 Munich, Olympiapark, Germany
    July 09 Trieste, Piazza Unita, Italy
    July 11 Castle Clam, Castle Clam Festival, Sperken Oberösterreich

    Lovely Days
    July 12 Meadows, Lovely Days Festival,
                 Ottakringer Arena Wiesen, Burgenland

    July 13 Weert, Bospop Festival, Sportpark Boshoven, Netherlands

    USA Tour
    July 16 Boston, Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, USA MA
    July 18 Betlehem, Sands Bethlehem Event Center, USA PA
    July 19 Atlantic City, Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa / Event Ctr., USA NJ
    July 25 Cincinatti, PNC Pavilion At Riverbend, USA OH

    Jimmy Buffett
    July 26 Detroit, Comerica Park, USA MI
    July 27 Chigago, Chigago Theatre, USA IL
    July 29 Indianapolis,
                Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn At White River State Park, USA IN
    July 30 Toledo, Toledo Zoo Amphitheatre, USA OH

    Gathering Of The Vibes
    Aug 01 Bridgeport, Seaside Park Usa CT
    Aug 02 Bangor, Cross Insurance Centre, USA ME

    Jackson Brown
    Aug 04 Holmdel, PNC Bank Arts Center, USA NJ
    Aug 05 Wantagh, Nikon At Jones Beach Theater, USA NY

    "Across Erie County Fair / America Fair
    Aug 07 Hamburg, Erie County Fair Grandstand, USA NY
    Aug 08 Bethel, Bethel Woods Center For The Arts, USA NY

    Oct 17 Las Vegas, Pearl Concert Theater, USA NV

    "Arizona State Fair
    Oct 18 Phoenix, Arizona State Fair Grandstand, USA AZ 

    Fall Run Through Canada Tour
    Nov 07 St. John's, Mile One Centre, Canada NL
    Nov 08 St. John's, Mile One Centre, Canada NL
    Nov 10 Halifax, Metro Centre, Canada NS
    Nov 12 Montreal, Bell Centre, Canada QC
    Nov 13 Rama, Casino Rama, Canada ON
    Nov 14 Oshawa, GM Centre, Canada ON
    Nov 15 Hamilton, First Ontario Centre, Canada ON
    Nov 17 Greater Sudbury, Sudbury Arena, Canada ON
    Nov 19 Winnipeg, MTS Centre, Canada MB
    Nov 20 Moose Jaw, Mosaic Place, Canada SK
    Nov 21 Saskatoon, Credit Union Centre, Canada SK
    Nov 23 Edmonton, Rexall Place, Canada AB
    Nov 24 Calgary, Scotlabank Saddledome. Cananda AB
    Nov 25 Dawson Greek, Encana Events Centre, Canada BC
    Nov 27 Penticton, South Okanagan Events Centre, Canada BC
    Nov 28 Abbotsford, Abbotsford entertainement & Sports Centre, Canada BC
    Nov 29 Victoria, Save On Foods Centre, Canada BC


    Feb  21 Santa Clara, Levi's Stadium, CA, USA

    Apr  02 New York, Late Show With David Letterman, NY, USA

    May 01 Memphis, Beale Street Music Festival, TN, US
    May 02 Memphis, Tom Lee Park, TN, US 

    1969 World Tour
    May 03 Nashville, Carl Black Chevy Woods Amphitheater, TN, US
    May 03 Whites Creek, The Woods at Fontanel, TN, US
    May 05 Raleigh, Red Hat Amphitheater, NC, US
    May 06 Charlotte, Uptown Amphitheatre at the NC Music Factory, NC, US
    May 08 Orange Beach, AmphitheatreAt The Warf, AL, US
    May 09 Duluth, The Arena at Gwinnett Center, GA, US
    May 10 Tuscaloosa, Amphithetre, AL, US
    May 12 Augusta, William B. Bell Auditorium,
                               Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center, GA, US
    May 13 Simpsonville, Charter Amphitheatre, Heritage Park, SC, US
    May 15 Saint Augustine, St. Augustine Amphitheatre, FL, US
    May 16 Tampa, Midflorida Credit Union Amphitheatre, FL, US
    May 17 West Palm Beach, Coral Sky Amphitheatre, FL, US

    June 05 Honolulu, Neals, Blaisdell Arena, HI, US
    June 06 Kuhului, Maui Arts and Cultural, HI, US
    June 24 New York, Live from Radio City, NY, US
    June 25 Uncasville, Mohecan Sun Arena, CT, US
    June 27 Philadelphia, Mann Center For Performing Arts, PA, US
    June 30 Vienna, The Filene Center at Wolf Trap National Park
                               for the Performing Arts, VA, US

    July 01 Cleveland, Jacobs Pavilion At Nautica, OH, US
    July 03 New Buffaloo, Four Winds Casino - Silver StreakEvent Center, MI, US
    July 04 Dublin, Coffman Hi gh School, OH, US
    July 05 Indianapolis, Murat Theatre, IN, US
    July 07 St.louis, Fabulous Fox Theatre, MO, US
    July 08 Chicago, Firstmerit Bank Pavilion At Northerly Island, IL, US
    July 11 Great-Falls Winsor, Salmon Festival, Centennial Field, NL, US
    July 15  Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl, CA, US
    July 24 WoodInville Chateau Ste Michelle Winery, WA, US
    July 25 Kamloops, Interior Savings Centre, BC, CAN

    July 26 Prince George, CN Centre, BC, CAN
    July 28 Red Deer, Westerner Park - Enmax Centrium Arena, AB, CAN
    July 29 Regina, Brandt Centre, SK, CAN
    July 30 Lethbridge, Enmax Centre, AB, CAN

    Aug 01 Billings, South Park, Magic City Blues Festival 2015, MT, US
    Aug 04 Bismarck, Bismarck Event Centre, ND, US
    Aug 05 Sturgis, Sturgis Buffalo Chip, Sturgis Bike Rally, SD, US
    Aug 07 Salt Lake City, Red Butte Garden, UT, US
    Aug 08 Englewood, Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, CO, US
    Aug 09 Albuquerque, Sandia Casino, Amphitheatre, NM, US

    Oct  30 Tempe, Monster Mash Music Fest, Tempe Beach Park, AZ , US

    Nov 12 New York, Cipriani Wall Street, NY US

    Dec 05 Imagine: John Lennon 57th Birthday
                 The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA
    Dec 31 Miami, Orange Bowl, FL, USA


    Fortunate Son Tour
    Jan 09 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, USA
    Jan 15 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, USA
    Jan 20 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, USA
    Jan 22 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, USA

    Apr  30  Indio,  Empire Polo Grounds, Stagecoach, CA, USA

    May 12 San Antonio, Majestic Theatre, TX, US
    May 13 Thackerville, Winstar World Casino & Resort, OK USA
    May 20 Huber Heights, Rose Music Center, OH USA
    May 22 Milwauke, Riverside Theatre, WI USA
    May 28 Greenwich, Roger Sherman Park, CT, USA

    Rollin' on the River Tour
    July 10 Lebreton Flats, Ottawa Buesfest, CAN
    July 11 Toronto, Molson Amphitheatre, CAN
    July 12 Montreal, Bell Centre, CAN
    July 14 Niagara Falls, The Avalon Ballroom Theatre At Niagara Fallsview
                                    Casino Resort, ON CAN
    July 15 Niagara Falls, The Avalon Ballroom Theatre At Niagara Fallsview
                                     Casino Resort, ON CAN
    July 16 Washington, Meadows Casino, PA USA
    July 29 Woodinville, Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery Amphitheatre, WA, USA

    Aug 25 Ravinia Festival 2016, The Pavilion, Highland Park, IL, USA
    Aug 26 Cincinnati, The Backyard at Jack Casino, OH, USA
    Aug 27 Evansville,Ford Center, IN, USA

    Sep 11 Denver, Civic Center Park, CO, USA

    Fortunate Son in Concert Tour
    Sep 14 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, SA, USA
    Sep 16 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, SA, USA
    Sep 17 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, SA, USA
    Sep 21 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, SA, USA
    Sep 23 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, SA, USA
    Sep 24 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, SA, USA
    Sep 28 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, SA, USA
    Sep 30 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, SA, USA

    Rollin' on the River Tour
    Oct 01 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre, NV, SA, USA
    Oct 18 Abbotsford, Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Center,  BC, CAN
    Oct 19 Victoria, Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre, BC, CAN
    Oct 21 Scotiabank Saddledome, Calgary, AB, CAN
    Oct 22 Edmonton, Rogers Place, AB, Canada
    Oct 23 Fort McMurray, SMS Equipment Stadium at Shell Place, AB, CAN


    Rolling' on a River Tour
    Jan 09 Las Vegas, The Venetian Theatre & Casino, , NV, USA
    Jan 13 John Fogerty at San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo 2017
                 AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX, USA

    Feb 15 Port Chester, Capitol Theatre, NY, USA
    Feb 16 Mashantucket, Grand Theater at Foxwoods, O CT, USA
    Feb 18 Toluca, Centro Dinámico Pegaso, Mexico

    Fortunate Son in Concert
    Mar 03 Las Vegas, Encore Theater, NV, USA
    Mar 08 Las Vegas, Encore Theater, NV, USA
    Mar 10 Las Vegas, Encore Theater, NV, USA
    Mar 11 Las Vegas, Encore Theater, NV, USA

    May 19 Las Vegas, Encore Theater, NV, USA
    May 20 Las Vegas, Encore Theater, NV, USA
    May 24 Las Vegas, Encore Theater, NV, USA
    May 26 Las Vegas, Encore Theater, NV, USA
    May 28 Las Vegas, Encore Theater, NV, USA

    Jun 05 Honolulu, Neal S. Blaisdell Arena, HI
    Jun 06 Kahilui, Maui Arts & Cultural Center, HI
    Jun 23 Bilbao, Azkena Rock Festival, Spain
    Jun 24 New York, Radio City Music hall, USA
    Jun 25 Hinwil, Rock the Ring Festival, Switerland
    Jun 26 Antwerp, Antwerp Sportpalace, Belgium
    Jun 27 Philadelphia, The mann center, USA
    Jun 28 Amsterdam, Ziggo Dome, NL
    Jun 30 Malmö, Mölleplatsen, Sweden

    Jul 01 Langesund, Wrightegaarden Restaurant, Tordenskjolds gate 2,  Norway
    Jul 02 Trondheim, Trøndelag Folk Museum, Norway
    Jul 03 New Buffalo, New Buffalo Township, MI, USA
    Jul 04 Dulin, Dublin Coffman High School. OH USA
    Jul 05  Indianapolis,Murat Centre IN, USA
    Jul 07 St. Louis. Fabulous Fox, MO USA
    Jul 08 Chicago, Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island, USA
    Jul 11 Grand Falls-Windsor,Centennial Avenue,  NL, Canada
    Jul 14 Aurora, RiverEdge Park, 360 North Broadway, Aurora, IL, USA
    Jul 15 La Crosse, University of Wisconsin, WI USA
    Jul 24 Woodinville, Chateau Ste Michelle,  WA USA
    Jul 25 Kamloops, Sandman Centre, BC Canada
    Jul 26 Prince George, CN Centre, BC. Canada
    Jul 28 Red Deer, Enmax Centrium, A,B, Canada
    Jul 29 Regina, The Brandt Centre, SK Canada
    Jul 30 Lethbridge, Enmax Centre, AB Canada

    Aug 04 Bismarck, Bismarck Event Centre, ND Canada
    Aug 05 Sturgis, Sturgis Buffalo Hip, SD USA
    Aug 07 Salt Lake City, Red Buute Garden, UT USA
    Aug 08 Englewood, Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, CO USA
    Aug 09, Albuquerrque, Sandra Resort & Casino, NM USA
    Aug 23 Arrington, Infinity Downs Farm, VA USA
    Aug 24 Arrington, Infinity Downs Farm, VA USA
    Aug 26 Lovingston, Arrington, VA USA

    Sep 20 Las vegas, Wynn Las Vegas,  NV USA
    Sep 22 Las vegas,  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Sep 23 Las vegas,  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Sep 27 Las vegas,  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Sep 29 Las vegas,  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Sep 30 Las vegas,  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Oct 04 Las vegas,  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Oct 06 Las vegas,  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Otc 07 Las vegas,  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Oct 28 Thackerville, Global Event Center at WinStar World Resort, , OK, USA
    Oct 29 Austin, Auditorium Shores, TX, USA


    Jan 10 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA
    Jan 12 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA
    Jan 10 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA
    Jan 13 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA
    Jan 19 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA
    Jan 20 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA

    May 02 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA
    May 04 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA
    May 05 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA
    May 09 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA
    May 11 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA
    May 12 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV, USA

    Blues and Bayous Tour
    May 25 Atlantic City, Borgata Events Center, NJ, USA
    May 26 Holmdel, PNC Bank Arts Center, NJ, USA
    May 27 Uncasville, Mohegan Sun Arena, CT, USA
    May 29 Vienna, Filene Center at Wolf Trap, VA, USA
    May 30 Vienna, Filene Center at Wolf Trap, VA, USA

    Jun 01 Pensacola,Bay Center, FL, USA
    Jun 02 Clearwater, Coachman Park, FL, USA
    Jun 03 West Palm Beach, Coral Sky Amphitheatre,FL, USA
    Jun 05 St. Augustine, St. Augustine Amphitheatre, FL, USA
    Jun 06 Atlanta, State Bank Amphitheatre at Chastain Park, GA, USA

    John  Fogerty In Concert
    Jun 08 Catoosa, The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, OK, USA
    Jun 09 New Braunfels, Whitewater Amphitheater, TX, USA 

    Blues and Bayous Tour
    Jun 10 Oklahoma City, Zoo Amphitheatre, OK, USA
    Jun 12 The Pavilion, Highland Park, IL, USA (Ravinia Festival)
    Jun 13 Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center, Noblesville, IN, USA
    Jun 14 Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA
    Jun 16 BankPlus Amphitheater at Snowden Grove, Southaven, MS, USA
    Jun 17 Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, Maryland Heights, MO, USA
    Jun 19 Covelli Centre, Youngstown, OH, USA
    Jun 20 Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY, USA
    Jun 22 Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook, Gilford, NH, 
    Jun 23 Constellation Brands – Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center, 
                                                                      Canandaigua, NY, USA
    Jun 24 BB&T Pavilion, Camden, NJ, USA
    Jun 26 Soaring Eagle Casino, Mount Pleasant, MI, USA
    Jun 27 DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI, USA
    Jun 29 Treasure Island Resort & Casino, Welch, MN, USA

    John  Fogerty In Concert
    Jul 13 Shaw Millennium Park, Calgary, AB, Canada (Oxford Stomp)
    Jul 14 South Okanagan Events Centre, Penticton, BC, Canada
    Jul 15 Abbotsford Centre, Abbotsford, BC, Canada
    Jul 17 Northern Quest Casino Outdoor Venue, Airway Heights, WA, USA
    Jul 19 Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery Amphitheatre, Woodinville, WA, USA
    Jul 20 Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery Amphitheatre, Woodinville, WA, USA
    Jul 29 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA

    Performs Creedence Clearwater Revival Hits
    Oct 10 Las Vegas, Wynn-Encore Theater, NV, USA
    Oct 12 Las Vegas, Wynn-Encore Theater, NV, USA
    Oct 13 Las Vegas, Wynn-Encore Theater, NV, USA
    Oct 17 Las Vegas, Wynn-Encore Theater, NV, USA
    Oct 19 Las Vegas, Wynn-Encore Theater, NV, USA
    Oct 20 Las Vegas, Wynn-Encore Theater, NV, USA

    John  Fogerty In Concert
    Oct 25 London, The O2 Arena, UK
    Oct 26 Dublin, 3Arena, Ireland
    Oct 29 London, The O2 Arena, UK

    Nov 08 Englewood, Bergen Performing Arts Center, USA
    Nov 09 Wilkes Barre, Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza, PA, USA
    Nov 29 Wallingford, Toyota Oakdal Theatre, CT, USA

    Dec 14 Los Angeles, Largo at The Coronet, CA, USA


    John  Fogerty In Concert
    Jan 25 Thackerville,The Collosseum at Winstar, OK, USA

    My 50 Year Trip
    Mar 07 Milwaukee, Riverside Theatre, Wi, USA
    Mar 08 Mashantucket, Grand Theatre at Foxwoods, CT USA

    Apr 10 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV USA
    Apr 12 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV USA
    Apr 13 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV USA
    Apr 17 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV USA
    Apr 19 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV USA
    Apr 20 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre, NV USA

    May 05 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2019, USA
    May 11 New Town, Bears Casino, ND USA
    May 12 Regina, Brandt Centre, SK Canada
    May 13 Saskatoon, Sask Tel Centre, SK Canada

    Jun 20 Morrison, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, CO USA
    Jun 21 Columbus, Express Live, OH USA
    Jun 29 Slupsk, Festiwal Legend Rocka, Dolina Charlotte, Poland

    Jul 02 Helsinki, Hartwall Areena, Finland
    Jul 04 Oslo, Oslo Spektrum, Norway
    Jul 05 Stavanger, DNB Arena, Norway
    Jul 08 Rättvik, Dalhalla, Sweden
    Jul 10 Gothenburg, Liseberg, Sweden
    Jul 11 Copenhagen, Royal Arena, Denmark

    Jul 13 Weert, Bospop, Festivalterrein Weert-Noord, NL

    Jul 14 Wercher, TW Classic, Festival Park Werchter, Belgium
    Jul 16 Bonn, KUNST!Rasen, Open-Air-Gelände am Posttower, Bonn, Germany
    Jul 19 Chemnitz, Theater Platz, Germany

    Aug 05 New York, Good Morning America, NY USA
    Aug 08 New York, 92nd Street Y, NY USA

    My 50 Year Trip
    Aug 09 East Providence, Bold Point Park, RI, USA
    Aug 10 Vineyard Haven, Veterans Memorial Park, Beach Road Weekend, MA, USA
    Aug 11 Westbrook, Maine Savings Pavilion at Rock Row, ME, USA
    Aug 13 Boston, Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion, MA, USA
    Aug 15 New York, Radio City Music Hall, NY, USA
    Aug 17 Bensalem, Xcite Center, Parx Casino, PA, USA
    Aug 18 Bethel, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, NY, USA

    Sep 13 Telluride, TBlues & Brews,Town Park, CO, USA
    Sep 14 Santa Fe, The Santa Fe Opera, NM, USA
    Sep 20 Louisville, Bourbon & Beyond 2019, Highland Festival Grounds at the Kentucky Expo Center,  KY,
    Sep 21 Battle Creek, FireKeepers Casino, MI, USA

    Oct 12 Victoria, Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre, BC, Canada
    Oct 13 Vancouver, Rogers Arena, BC, Canada
    Oct 15 Edmonton, Rogers Place, AB, Canada
    Oct 16 Lethbridge, Enmax Centre, AB, Canada
    Oct 17 Red Deer, Westerner Park, AB, Canada

    Nov 06  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Nov 08  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Nov 09  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Nov 13  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Nov 15  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Nov 16  Encore Theater, Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Dec 28 Bossier City, Riverdome at Horseshoe Casino and Hotel, LA, USA
    Dec 29 Tulsa, Paradise Cove at River Spirit Casino, OK, USA
    Dec 31 Thackerville, Global Event Center at WinStar World Resort, OK, USA



    Feb 21 Sarasota, Van Wezel Performing Arts Center, FL USA
    Feb 22 Fort Lauderdale, Au-Rene Theater at the Broward Center, FL USA
    Feb 23 St Augustine, The St. Augustine Amphitheatre, FL USA

    Nar 13 Santa Ynez, St.Augustine Theatre, Chumash Casino, USA
    Mar 14 Laughlin, Laughlin Event Center, NV USA
    Mar 15 Scottsdale, The Pool at Talking Stick Resort, AZ USA

    Apr 23 Brooklyn, Kings Theatre, NY USA
    Apr 24 Atlantic City, Mark G. Etess Arena at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, NJ USA
    Apr 25 Mashantucket,, Foxwoods Resort Casino – Grand Theater, CT USA
    Apr 25 Brooks, In Concert, USA

    Jun 11 Antwerp, Sportspalace, Belgium
    Jun 13 Grolloo, Holland International Blues FestivalThe Blues Village, Netherlands

    Jun 14 Bad Vilbel, Hessentagsarena, Germany
    Jun 17 Madrid, WizInk Arena, Spain
    Jun 19 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Azkena Rock Festival 2020, Spain

    Jul 01 Highland Park, Ravinia Festival. IL USA
    Jul 03 Kansas City, Starlight Theatre, MO USA
    Jul 07 Madison, Breese Stevens, WI USA
    Jul 08 Green Bay, Resch Center, WI USA
    Jul 10 Welch, Treasire Island Resort & Casino, MN USA
    Jul 11 Riverside,, Riverside Casino & Golf Resort, IA USA
    Jul 12 St. Louis, Fabulous Fox Theatre, Saint Louis, MO USA
    Jul 31 Woodinville, Chateau Ste Michelle Winery, USA

    Aug 13 Napa, Oxbow Rive Stage, CA USA
    Aug 19 Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl, CA USA
    Aug 30 Atlantic City, Mark G. Etess Arena at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, NJ USA  (Reschuled April 24 Show)

    Sep 11 Mashantucket,, Foxwoods Resort Casino – Grand Theater, CT USA (Reschuled April 25)
    Sep 11 Foxwood, Ledyard Center, MGM GRand at Foxwood, USA

    Nov 04 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre at Wynn, NV USA
    Nov 06 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre at Wynn, NV USA
    Nov 07 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre at Wynn, NV USA
    Nov 11 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre at Wynn, NV USA
    Nov 13 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre at Wynn, NV USA
    Nov 14 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre at Wynn, NV USA
    Nov 18 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre at Wynn, NV USA
    Nov 20 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre at Wynn, NV USA
    Nov 21 Las Vegas, Encore Theatre at Wynn, NV USA