Hofner guitars for are me the Rolls Royces among the
                        During chaos in changes of the  music  in  the  sixties,    
                        Hoefner went down by different   brands,  like  Fender
                        and Gibson.

                        Hofner also made his  own  amplifiers, eg. model 1964,
                        which I bought via Ebay.com (USA) (
see bid page).
                       Speaker and amplifier came separately via  air   freight
from the USA. The speaker was fine, but the amplifier was bad  to  it.
Fallen down to the ground out of the plane, while unloading. Protest
did not help, the insurance that had been taken of, did noy pay, des-
ite repeated requests from the seller.

The photo's of the damage below speaks for themselves.


But still started with the restoration. The amplifier almost had no da-
mage inside  and  still   worked.  The  frame  was  disassembled  and
and again well put and glued with clamps. The upholstery  was  torn,
but could glued nearly against each other to the  torn  edges  of  the case.

The result was wonderful. The case didn't resonate  with  the  guitar
and sounded beautiful with a sound, as we did hear in  the  60s.  The
pot's knobs did'nt crack and everything worked normally.
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