Purchased RGB / RGB / CGA / EGA / YUV to VGA HD Video Converter Board 1 VGA output at eBay Germany.


 5 Volts - 40 Watts voeding

Computervoeding 5/12 Volts
Purchased: 5 Volts - 40 Watts power supply. I did have the Computer Powersupply 5/12 Volts ...
CPC EXTENDED Computer LCD connected with RGB / CGA card and 5Volts powersupply. CPC Extended connected with 5/12Volts computer power supply. However, due the internal faillure of the powersupply 5/12Volts, 12 Volts came on the 5 Volts input of the CPC Extended. No working LCD screen anymore and that explained it. RGB / CGA card itself works. Could set the LCD monitor properly ... 
Noticed the smell of 12Volts faillure to late so ... ! @ # $% ^ & * (). 
That will be the complete repair of computer epromkaart, sound card, disk drive roller ass, 64Kb memory, etc. Lucky I got of nearly all the cards, except the epromcard. The parts to repair the Superplus Epromboard, I bought at Radio ERNST in Hoorn.


Download: ARCS_106 Rom / ARCS 107 Rom

 <<<<<<<    Overview
A.R.C.S Eprom
CPC EXTENDED repaired with Schneider CPC 464 computer motherboard and keyboard in old original case. That's up and running ...
The eproms of the Super Romplus
epromcard, who were on it, tested
with a 6128 and a KDS epromcard
were   allright,    except    for    the
A.R.C.S operating eprom. 
The   eprom  software   has   been
downloaded from the Internet and
burned with an  EROMBURNER
on a DOS computer. The next step
is   to  repair  the  Super  Romplus
Epromcard and  connect  it  to  the
repaired CPC EXTENDED, so it's
running again...

The Super Romplus Epromcard stopped working.

Wire broken from the solder point on the switch,

in taking the card more times by hand  viewing the parts.

Wire (Yellow) soldered again. 

Epromcard partially working again. Can be switched

on/off again. Next step is replacing of the diodes,

resistors nnd control chips.


Replacing the three diodes of the Super Romplus Epromboard. Testing the card, works without the Eproms and can be switched on/off. But with the A.R.C.S operating eprom the card won't work yet...

Top Connections

Bottoms Connections

Board On / Off

Final test of the eproms with a CPC6128
and a KDS epromcard.

Will plugin the eproms and see what happens

Finally the Super Romplus epromcard is working. Malfunction of the dipswitch. 
Using the contactspray to clean it again... 
(Photo taken of the big LCD screen)

Cassette Recorder ain't working anymore. 
Trying to repair it...
Switch 1 is OK. At 2 the soldering has been bridged... 
(See on the right...)

NB.  The Scheme told me there are 2 switches. No 
power for the motor, if Switch 3 is open. 
I can't find it...

Switch 3  is  OK  too  and  working  well.  However 
 with FF and REV, 1 and 3 are  closed.  With PLAY
1 is closed and 3 open, but  then  no  power  for  the 
 motor.  Motor  is running when  the  soldering  at  2 
is  bridged  (See 2 at the picture). 
 Test cassette loaded and working well now...
Repaired Britannia Super Romplus epromcard with CPC back in the computer. Now the rest will follow soon!
Repaired Britannia Super Romplus card not working!
After that the print solder attachment has been controlled and possible repaired.
Did'nt work at all. No screen. Planning the card to bring to a professional for repair.
On 02-02-18 the Brittannia Super Romplus Card brought for repair to Mofix in Berkhout. And the whole story of the failed repair by Symtronics. Also partly my fault to give the order to repair, to place the new chips in sockets. One of the things you never must do....

Mofix did solder the chips with SMD technology directly on the PCB and repaired other print solder. An elco also had to been renewed. 

After mounting the card into the CPC computer case, the screen was right and so all mounted roms...

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